Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life with two!

So, I'm going to just say that its funny I haven't posted in almost a year...instead of sad...cause it makes me feel better if its funny. But, it is pretty sad its almost been a year and my poor Luke doesn't have his first seven months chronicled like William's every week was. So lets all agree not to tell him, k thanks. Let's also agree not to tell my mom, the English teacher, that my grammar and sentence structure is practically nonexistent.

Moving on to the fun stuff. A LOT has happened in a year so I'm just going to go ahead and try to sum it up really fast. February 19, 2010 we had our second beautiful baby boy Luke. He is precious and happy and loves to laugh. He, praise the Lord is a super easy baby...just like William. I don't know why the Lord blessed me with two easy babies, but I'm not going to question Him! When Luke was about 3 months old we moved, and then about a month ago William started Mother's Day Out and just last week my firstborn turned two.

I'll just go ahead and post pictures and I'm going to promise to update more....unless I don't, but I'll try, unless I can't, then I won't....but I'm going to.

I'll also fix the red eye next time :) I have to run, so this is as good as its going to get right now. Such is the life with two boys...but its a wonderful life!

Monday, October 12, 2009

1 year ago....

So crazy how much changes in a year...William you are such a blessing

He's 1 year! (well 13 months now cause I'm a horrible blogger)

Wow...we have been busy! September 8th William turned one, September 13-25 we visited Edna because Lee was in The Netherlands for work, we're in the process of selling our house and looking for a new one, and Oct 7th we found out we're having ANOTHER BOY!

Celebrating William's birthday was a blast....we may have overdone it a bit with three parties but he had such a good time. We celebrated in August with Hudson Bettis who is 3 weeks older than William, then we had a party at our house with some of William's best friends from Houston then a small family gathering on his actual birthday. He did not get tired of the cake! He was to follow of course.

He is so much fun...I'm going to tell you what he's doing right now so I can go back later and reminisce. He was in the 95th % for height at his one year and 85th for weight. He started walking at 10 1/2 months and got really good at it at he's practically running. Kinda scary. He thinks mocking me is the most hilarious thing in the world. He copies my sneezes, coughs, laughs and everytime I say "Hey William!" he says "Heeyyy." His favorite words are cat, hi, ball, bye bye, dada, oh wow, woah, only mama when he's upset, and some weird phrases that I don't understand like "Oh gawa" and "Cha Sta" Anybody got any guesses? Oh, he has also become obsessed with his books and will point and say "huh" until you find the exact one he wants you to read to him. He's so precious and so much fun. We love him so much.

Here are some pics!

Opening some presents in Edna
Hangin out with his new friend Tessa
The cakes
Ha! The aftermath of his bday cake in Houston...he showed that cake who was boss.
About to sing happy birthday
Uncle Clay stealing William's toys....typical
Sharin some cake with mama
He loved that sprinkler!
Birthdays are soo much fun!
Chillin with Emory and Mr. Coon (courtesy of Uncle Jake of course)
Hudson: "She said what? Uh UH!"
Wait...I'm supposed to pet that thing?
Oh, you meant that thing
All snazzy for church
Talkin on the phone with Dada while he was away

My best friend Mr Cat.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're Alive!

So, it has been quite a while since my last post! Needless to say, a LOT has been going on around here. We traveled around the hill country during the last part of June and early part of July, visiting family, going on a mini vacay, and hitting up the Whitley family reunion. We had a great time and William had a BLAST hanging out with all the family. We have a ton of pics to post, but of course I can't find them right now and on top of that we've misplaced our camera battery. Not good timing since our little guy is learning to walk. Thats right, my 10 1/2 mo. old is almost officially not a baby anymore. He's been taking 3-5 steps for a few weeks now and then yesterday he took ten. He's still predominantly a crawler, but I think he's on his way. OH, yeah...and I'm pregnant again! What's that? Wasn't I just pregnant? That was pretty much my reaction when I found out...."What? No way...I just had a baby!" But then 5 seconds later I was super excited and immediately started looking at baby clothes. I also did a better job of telling Lee this time. Last time, if you remember I called him and told him at work...(pretty lame) but I actually waited and put the test in an envelope and told him I had forgotten to give him one of his Father's Day gifts. He was very suprised.

I am sick as a dog again. So that's been fun... I had what we call around here an "incident" in the Target parking lot in front of poor, unsuspecting customers. Lee said the guy parked next to us didn't see, he was texting. I hope he didn't..ugh.
This pregnancy feels exactly the same as the first one, so does that mean I'm having another boy? Hmmm? Guess we'll see. I'll be 10 weeks on Monday, so only 8 until we find out.
Oh, (I keep forgetting stuff) I'm due March 1st and they'll be 18 months apart!

I should tell you what else William is up to. He has some words now....he says Mama, Dada, bull, ball, dog, lawa (for aunt Laura), Nana,Papa, vroom vroom (for car) and his favorite word is cat. He says it ALL the time. Sounds more like "at" though. He is hilarious, he's always laughing and smiling. And he just started this thing where he takes all of his toys out of the bin and throws them over his left shoulder (for good luck maybe?) and then he takes them and puts them back in.

And last but not least, we've put our house on the market. We're looking to stay in the Pearland area, but find a house we could see ourselves raising the kiddos in. So, we're praying that we stay in God's will and that the house sells in a timely manner and that we find one we love. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Here are a few pics!

Telling Nana about the new baby.
Sunday school crazy hat game night. I won best warm weather hat...ha!
Will and Hudson P. chillin in the bathtub
Telling Weesie about the baby...another classic video on the way
Dad and William enjoying an Astros game. Kenny being cool and taking a picture of me taking a picture.
Gettin a good cleanin in the kitchen sink at Weesie and Papa's.

Ahh! Spaghetti Face!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Because?

So, my mom and I found some old pics and I decided I should post these for the benefit of all mankind. The initial reason was to find some of me that resembled William...and then, well we just got sidetracked. So...please enjoy!

I'll also post some from the past few weeks of W. He of course is still huge (might as well stop putting that because its a given), he is crawling everywhere, up the stairs even (Lord help us), is pulling up and cruising (a term I just learned which means he walks holding on to stuff), and just yesterday he tried to climb into his pack n play by standing on a basket that was next to it. Yes, he is eight months old. We took him to the zoo for the first time, swam in a BIG pool for the first time and we dedicated him at church....actually we committed ourselves to do our best to raise him in a Godly home. It was a wonderful service...thanks fam for being there to support us!

Resemblance? Anyone? I kinda think so...wishful thinking maybe?

Sleeping position I referred to in previous bloggings.
Me, as the gigantoid. Can you pick me out? Hint:gigantoid
This pic cracks me up. I hated Jake until I was about can just see me hating him in this pic. Sorry bro. My cousin Lauren is holding him...hey Lauren!
And classic...Clay choking Jake. Lovingly of course.
Family pic at the dedication ceremony.
Love this pic. Are they not smiling the same? Hilarious.
William telling his toy how much he loves cute!

Us at the zoo...whew that boy is heavy.
Uncle Clay and William bonding.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day and Updates

Well, Mr. William (as we like to call him) just turned 8 months old. It is blowing my mind that I need to start thinking about his 1st birthday! He has changed so much in the past few weeks...he started crawling early april and then got really good at it around the 17th. He loves to go "exploring" with his daddy. Lee will say...come on William...lets go exploring and then they crawl together all over the house. He gets really excited and starts laughing...William, that is. Its hilarious. And he also started pulling up about a week after that, so of course he's getting into everything and gone are the days I can put him in one spot on the floor and let him play for a few minutes.

He also, poor thing, had his first ear infection. Although i never would have known anything was wrong with him until he started running a fever. He was a trooper. Hopefully he won't have too many more. But we did find out he weighed 22lbs. 8 oz at 7 months.

We had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend in Edna. My dad and brothers and Robert Clay of course were working cattle so William got to go check out the cows for the first time. He stared for about 5 minutes and then he started having a conversation with them. He also "swam" in his little baby pool for the first time. He loved it so much we tried it the next day with Hudson. I got a coupon book from William for a free foot rub, car wash and kitchen cleaning...I'm not sure if that was Lee's genius way of making me wait about 10 years until I can redeem them..hmmm. I also got a pottery barn gift card and some super mushy emotional cards from my brothers. They said things like you're a dorky mom...etc.

All in all it was a good weekend...sorry for the long wait on updates..things are getting crazy around here! How on earth does anyone with multiple children get anything are my heroes.

Here are some pics from the past few weeks!
Sleeping like I did when I was a baby...apparently its genetic
Not sure where on earth this came from. He falls asleep while he's playing and will just stay there in the splits...hilarious!
Big boy standing up!
Get me outta here mom!
Chillin in the pool
Amy and Hudson
Cracks me up...he looks like a little man with his hat on.

Gettin some shade at the pens.
Nice shades William
He's in awe of the cows
Still in awe
What the heck is that thing?
Gettin spoiled by Weesie...of course!