Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life with two!

So, I'm going to just say that its funny I haven't posted in almost a year...instead of sad...cause it makes me feel better if its funny. But, it is pretty sad its almost been a year and my poor Luke doesn't have his first seven months chronicled like William's every week was. So lets all agree not to tell him, k thanks. Let's also agree not to tell my mom, the English teacher, that my grammar and sentence structure is practically nonexistent.

Moving on to the fun stuff. A LOT has happened in a year so I'm just going to go ahead and try to sum it up really fast. February 19, 2010 we had our second beautiful baby boy Luke. He is precious and happy and loves to laugh. He, praise the Lord is a super easy baby...just like William. I don't know why the Lord blessed me with two easy babies, but I'm not going to question Him! When Luke was about 3 months old we moved, and then about a month ago William started Mother's Day Out and just last week my firstborn turned two.

I'll just go ahead and post pictures and I'm going to promise to update more....unless I don't, but I'll try, unless I can't, then I won't....but I'm going to.

I'll also fix the red eye next time :) I have to run, so this is as good as its going to get right now. Such is the life with two boys...but its a wonderful life!


amanda said...

you crack me up! love the pics. and i think by you not posting for a year you're just proving that you really are a mom of two. you rock! ;-)

j, b, and little e said...

glad you're back! unless you're not... ;)

Kate said...

Been checking your blog every once in a while to see if you updated. Glad you are back...or might be back. lol
The only time I find to blog is LATE at night but I'm a night owl so it's ok. I try to make it a priority because I decided not to have a baby book for the boys. This keeps all the updates I need. Maybe I will transfer it to paper/book one day. ha!